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The old adage a diamond is forever  can certainly be true, if you take a few simple steps to care for your Diamond Engagement Ring properly.


  • Protect your ring against damage
  • Keep your ring clean
  • Insure your ring against loss or theft





A diamond might be the hardest substance known to man, but a diamond has the natural tendency to split along its planes. [The diamond cutter utilizes this quality when deciding how and where to cut or “cleave” a diamond.] A little care will protect your diamond from chipping or splitting.


A  diamond can be chipped by catching it in the dishwasher, dropping it on a hard surface, hitting it against something for instance. Once the diamond is chipped (usually on the edge or girdle) it should be re-polished so that it does not weaken the structure of the diamond.


In addition to this type of damage, many household chemicals can damage the gold setting: bleach, hairspray, chlorine in pools and spas, hair coloring.

Our suggestion is to remove your ring when you are going to be working in the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, gardening, or in a chlorinated pool.  Using rubber gloves may help, but is not absolutely fool proof.

Do not remove your ring over the sink or place it on the counter. We suggested you remove it over your bed (where it can have a soft landing if you drop it) and store it in the original jewelry box in a safe place (away from plumbing, children and pets).

And never remove your ring in public as it may impossible to find it, if you happen to drop it.

If you ever drop or hit your ring against a hard surface, you should check it immediately to make sure that it is not loose in the setting.  If it is loose, do not wear again until you have it repaired.  If you find your ring is beginning to “catch” on threads or hair, it may be an indication that the prongs are loose and need to be repaired.





We know it seem romantic to never want to take your ring off…after all, it is  gorgeous!  But in addition to protecting it against damage, you also need to keep it clean so it looks great!  Soap and lotions can become lodged in the nooks and crannies of your setting and create a dull film on your diamond.

So, remove your ring (safely) before washing your hands or taking a shower. Then put it back on after you have dried and moisturized.  The one exception, of course, would be to never remove your ring in a public restroom!

To clean your ring, we suggest first making sure your sink is properly plugged so there is no chance of losing your ring down the drain.  Then, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm soap water, gently clean your ring and dry with a soft towel.




Lastly, don’t forget to insure your ring.  Your insurance carrier can help you decide the right policy for you – and sometimes your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover the ring.

Diamond Classic Jewelry will be happy to provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal for the ring you purchased from us.

And don’t forget that the price of diamonds and gold have been rising quickly in the last few years, so you may be surprised at what it will cost to replace a diamond or ring in the future.