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Think of a natural diamond as being an "organic" diamond.


A natural diamond is one that is found in nature.  It is NOT man made. It is a genuine or real diamond. Natural diamonds take millions of years to develop.  They are formed deep in the earth and require immense amounts of pressure and heat to form.


Diamonds are most often found in deep pits or mines that have been dug into the earth.  Sometimes diamonds are found washed up into river, there for the picking. These are called alluvial diamonds. The rough diamond is nothing like the finished product that you see in diamond jewelry.  It appears cloudy and has no sparkle. It has natural color and imperfection.


Diamonds have certain lines or "faults" that the diamond cutter follows to make the initial cuts in the diamond, called cleaving the diamond.  He had to decide which shape diamond will use most of the diamond with the least amount of waste.  Then the diamond is polished.  All of this work is done by master craftsmen, who work years learning the trade.


A natural diamond is very, very rare....event the smallest diamonds. Once you understand its rarity, the eons is takes to forms, the money and work it take to mine, cut and polish a can understand why this gem above all others is the one most used for an Engagement Ring.  You can also understand why natural diamonds are so expensive! All of these qualities help the natural diamond to maintain and increase its value.





Man-made diamonds are created in a lab. They can be sythentic, cultured, lab grown. A cubic zirconia is one type of man-made diamonds. ALL OF OUR WHITE - SOMETIMES CALLED "COLORLESS" DIAMONDS AT DIAMOND CLASSIC JEWELRY are real diamonds - natural and genuine.



Fancy color diamonds are those that are prized for their color rather than their "lack of color."  Fancy color diamond come in every color imaginable: black, brown, yellow, pink, blue, green , orange, red etc.  Natural Fancy Color Diamond have recieved their color from nature. They are found that way when mined.  Some natural color diamonds have been treated to enhance, change or stablize their color. Some fancy color diamonds have been lab-created.  Read more about Fancy Color Diamonds>>