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Everyone wants to make sure that they are not spending too much for their engagement ring - but at the same time everyone wants that perfect diamond engagement ring.  We hope some of these tips from inside the diamond and jewelry industry will help you make great choices and GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY. 


Choose a Princess Cut Diamond

 Princess Cut diamonds are often less expensive than the same carat size of a Brilliant Cut round diamond.  This is because less of the rough diamond is wasted in the cutting process.


Choose a Smaller Center Diamond

 Diamonds are priced by carat.  The larger the diamond the more it will cost per carat.  The center diamond usually is the majority of the cost of the ring.  If you choose a smaller center diamond the price will be less even though the total carat weight may be the same.


Choose a Diamond Halo

A diamond halo can make your diamond appear larger and more interesting. You can choose a smaller center diamond that has a halo and get a “big” look for a great price. In addition, diamond halos are very typical of the popular vintage style.  They make for a romantic and femine ring.


Choose a  3/8 or 7/8 Center Diamond

Diamond jump in price at certain points as at ½ carat and 1 carat due to demand.  If you choose a diamond that is slightly smaller than a full carat or ½ carat, your price could be substantially less, but you look could be almost the same.


Choose a Marquise Diamond

Fancy cut diamonds are usually more expensive, but right now a Marquise can be quite a good price and when set with baguette diamond accents can be a wonderful look.


Choose 2 Wedding Bands

If you want a bigger look without spending a lot of money for a larger center diamond or total carat weight, add a second wedding band.  Wear a wedding band on each side of the engagement ring.  Not only is this a popular look called “stacking,” it will make your ring look much more important.


Choose 10k Gold

Gold is a very big factor in the rise of engagement ring price so choose 10k can really help the price.  This is especially true of men’s ring, which naturally have more gold in them than a ladies ring.  If you choose white gold, you will notice a difference.


Choose a Princess Quad

Here’s a great way to lower the price and get a wonderful look.  Four Princess Cut diamonds are set in an invisible setting which makes it seem to be one large Princess Cut diamond. The added advantage, as one customer told us, is that there are 4 times the facets so the ring really sparkles.  The Princess Quad styles range from solitaire to vintage halo to contemporary settings.


Choose a Cushion Shape Halo

If you love the Cushion Shape diamonds, but have found them to be too expensive, we suggest choosing a Princess Cut diamond with a cushion shape halo!  Instead of the halo having sharp corners, like a frame, the corners will be cut off or softened.  This is a fantastic look!


Choose a Composite Ring

Composite or cluster rings have many of the same advantages of a Princess Quad.  These rings are usually sold by total carat weight and often have three rows of diamonds, making them appear to be 3 rings, but much easier to wear.  However, we have customers who love them and add a wedding band!


Choose to Upgrade to SI Quality

This may not seem like you’re saving money, but if you are looking for a really nice diamond but still want to stay in your budget, upgrade on our site to H Color, SI Clarity.  The  prices are great and they all come with a Diamond Certificate from IGI or GIA.


Choose a Wedding Ring Set

Our wedding ring sets include an engagement ring and a wedding ring that is made to match.  Not only does this give you a total look, we sell them by carat total weight.  So a 1 carat stone may be out of your price range, but a 1carat total weight wedding ring set could hit your budget just right!  And you have the added advantage of not having to hunt around for wedding band later.


Use our Layaway

If you have found the perfect ring and it’s just a little beyond your budget, look at our Lay-away.  We customize it for you so that the payments will coordinate with your pay days.  When you get the ring, it’s all paid for!



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