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Metal also affects the price.  As we’ve all heard in the news the price of gold has skyrocketed in the last several years and is currently trading at about $1650 per ounce! No wonder it is called a precious metal!


Pure gold is called 24Karat or 24KT, but it is really too soft to use for fine jewelry. So gold is mixed with different alloys to make jewelry. Most fine jewelry in the United States is 14KT (or 58.5%) gold. We like to use 14KT Gold for Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings because it generally wears better for everyday use.


NOTE: The mesure of the weight of gold is Karat, abbreviated KT.  We have absoutely no idea why it is the same word used for the weight of diamonds (Carat) , just spelled differently!



We have found that 18kt and Platinum really raise the price of the ring and generally do not use it for that reason.  However, we can special order a ring for you in those metals.



MONEY SAVING TIP: If you would like to save a bit extra on a diamond ring, look for 10kt gold.


One way to buy a really affordable ring is to buy one in 10k gold.  In white gold, you will not be able to tell the difference.  10k is much harder than 14k gold, so it also wears better. We have a few beautiful and affordable diamond wedding sets in 10k gold that are very reasonably priced, like our 3/8 carat Vintage Quad below. 





This is a particularly affordable wedding ring set and it is a good example of all the ways to save some money: 

It is 3/8 carat total weight, which is just a tad less than a 1/2 carat;

it is 10k white gold instead of 14k;

it has a Princess Quad center instead of one large Princess Cut diamond;

and it has a diamond halo and accents for a beautiful finish to the ring.






We also recommend men's ring in 10kt gold. It saves quite a bit of money as men's ring are much larger than women's and therefore use more gold.  The additional benefit here for the men is that 10kt gold is much harder and therefore wears better and resists scratching better than 14kt gold.



Some customers have asked about diamond engagement rings in sterling silver.  However, we do not carry them.  Sterling silver is very soft and we feel that it doesn't provide a really secure setting for diamonds.


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