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Fancy Color Diamonds


Most of the diamonds in the world are colorless diamonds, sometimes called “white” diamonds. And the value of diamonds is partially determined by how little color is in the diamond.

However,  diamonds are found in nature in all the colors of the rainbow.  Yellow, black and blue fancy color diamonds are particularly popular right now and we see collections of rings and jewelry at many jewelry stores with many different color diamonds.  

So let us lead you through a discussion of the different types of fancy color diamonds.



Natural diamonds are the real thing. They are found deep in the ground in mines and sometimes in river beds.  Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are also the real thing and are found in nature in all the colors of the rainbow….yellow, brown, red, orange, blue, green, etc!!!!!

However, natural fancy color diamonds are very, very rare and therefore they are very, very expensive.  Depending on the color some are more expensive than others. Brown diamonds are probably the most affordable of the natural color diamonds and orange and purple….we’ll just say unless you’re a movie star, royalty, or a captain of industry, you will probably find they are way out of your price range.

The thing is…..everyone likes colored diamonds.  So, of course we are starting to sell them on our website. 



Natural Color Brown diamonds are very beautiful and they are available in a complete range of shades from the lightest champagne color to the deepest cognac.  The natural color brown diamonds are very affordable and make up into beautiful rings and jewelry.

The Brown diamonds on our website are natural color diamonds….the color you see in them is the way they were found in nature.

All of the Brown Color Diamonds on Diamond Classic Jewelry are natural color brown diamonds. The color you see is they way they were found in nature.



Brown diamonds can be irradiated (think zapped in the microwave…don’t try it at home!) to alter the color to Blue.  Natural Color blue diamonds are extremely rare – and beautiful of course- but that means they are also extremely expensive.  The process of irradiation permanently alters the color to Blue.

So these Blue Treated Diamonds are still real, genuine diamonds. Think  of it like this: If your hair is brown and you dye it red, it is still real hair…just color treated.

Blue diamonds are very popular currently and especially with brides who not only like blue diamonds in their engagement ring set, but like earrings and pendants also for that “something borrowed….something blue.”           

We particularly like blue diamond in wedding bands. They make a wonderful match to a solitaire and are a great anniversary gift.

When you are buying a blue diamond, you want to make sure the seller states that it is a treated diamond.  It isn’t hard to tell. If the cost of the ring is close to your home mortgage, it’s  probably a natural color blue diamond.   If it is a reasonably priced piece of jewelry, it is probably treated with irradiation.

All of the Blue Color Diamonds at Diamond Classic Jewelry are real diamonds that have been treated by irradiation to make them blue.



Black diamonds are also very popular, especially with men. Most black diamonds are real diamonds that have been heat treated . The reason for this is that most natural black diamonds do not have even color throughout. So by heat treating them, the color is consistent.

All of the black diamonds at Diamond Classic Jewelry are real diamonds that have been heat treated to even the color. 


 Of all the natural fancy color diamonds, yellow is perhaps the most popular. Natural fancy color yellow diamonds are, after natural color brown diamonds, more common and therefore better priced than the more exotic colors.

The only thing here, is that the more affordable natural fancy yellow diamonds are the ones with the faintest yellow tint. When set in white gold, the color hardly shows up. Once you start looking at a Vivd or Deep Fancy Yellow Diamond, the price starts to skyrocket.

A good alternative is "Man Made" sometimes called "Lab Created" Fancy Yellow Diamonds. These diamonds are not found in nature, but are created in a laboratory - much like cultured pearls. These diamonds have all the characteristics of natural diamonds and are cut and polished just like natural diamonds. The color range is wonderful...every shade from a light clear yellow to a deep orange.

Because these diamonds are lab-created, they have certain advantages: First they are less expensive than a similar natural fancy color yellow diamond. Secondly, their creation is environmnetally sound as land has not been destroyed by mining. Third, they are absolutely beautiful made into fantastic and affordable jewelry!

The La-created Fancy Color Yellow diamonds that you will find at Diamond Classic Jewelry all have Certificates from the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which evaluates their Clarity and Color. (see the paragraph below) In addition each diamond has the Certificate number inscribed on the girdle. 


The clarity of fancy color diamonds, whether natural or lab-created, is graded on the same scale as colorless diamonds.

However, the color grade is different because now the depth and intensity of the color is important, as opposed to a colorless diamond, where the lack of color is the goal.

Grading Fancy Color Diamonds begins with the identification of the color. So the basic color may be yellow. may have an orange cast to the color, so the color would be called orangey yellow. The second part of the color name tells you the basic color and the first part tells you the tone. So an orangey yellow diamond would basically be yellow, but with a slight orange tone to it.

Fancy color diamonds are also graded on the depth or intensity of their color.  The range is from Light to Vivid, each grade being more saturated with could say with a deeper color. As the color becomes more intense, the diamond is rarer and therefore more expensive.

The colors - in order from the lightest to the most intense color are:  Light, Fancy, Intense and Vivid.  Both natural fancy color diamonds and lab-created fancy color diamonds are graded this way.