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We get asked this question all the time in various forms.  Guys want to know how many rings they have to buy.  Ladies want to know what the 'rules" are.  It can all be rather confusing.  But here's the bottom line:  There are no rules and you don't have to buy anything you don't want or understand.  These terms are all used for advertising and marketing and many of them make into our everyday language.  So let us explain simply.


The engagement ring is given by the man to woman when he proposes or when they announce that they are engaged and getting married.  Traditionally it is symbol of their love and the contract or promise that they have made to each other to marry. And although the man doesn't have to kneel down on one knee to propose, we've never heard of woman who didn't like the romance of it!

In the United States is is traditional for the woman to wear the engagement ring on the third finger (next to the pinky) of her left hand.  Also traditionally, the ring is a diamond ring.  A diamond is used because it is the most valuable gem and hardest.  Remember the advertising slogan A diamond is forever!  For the same reason the setting is traditionally gold or platinum.

An engagement ring traditionally has a center diamond that is larger than all the rest.

Although Engagement rings are traditionally given at the time of the proposals, many husbands buy their wives an engagement ring after they are married when they can afford the ring or for a special occasion as an anniversary or birthday.



Solitaire rings are engagement rings that have a single large diamond in the center.  Now, rings with diamonds on the shanks are also called Solitiares, especially when the center diamond is prominent. 



The Wedding Band is the ring that the man gives to the woman during the wedding ceremony.  Often the woman also give a wedding band to the man during the ceremony.  Traditionally these bands were simply plain gold rings.  But today they are often diamond bands. 

The characteristic that disntinguishes them from the Engagement Ring is that they do not have a center diamond. The diamonds are usually small and decorative.

The wedding band is worn on the third finger of the left hand.  It goes on your finger first, and sits closest to your heart.  Then the Engagement Ring goes on and sits closest to the tip of your finger.  For this reason, most brides remove their Engagement Ring to their right hand during the wedding ceremony so that the groom can easily slip the wedding band on the left hand.  After the ceremony, they put the engagement ring back on the left hand with the wedding band.

There is a new trend called "Stacking."  Brides often choose to wear two wedding beands, one on either side of their engagement ring.  It is a great look!  Sometimes both rings are purchased and worn together from the time of the wedding ceremony.  Often the second band is given for a anniversary, baby or birthday gift.



This is just another name for the wedding band.  However, just to  make it more complicated...sometimes it refers to the Engagement Ring.



Anniversary rings are a type of band, usually of diamonds, given as a gift for a special anniversary.  Some of the most popular Anniversary rings are 3-stone rings, in which 3 diamonds are suppose to symbolize the yesterdays, today and tomorrow of your life together.  A very romantic sentiment.  5-Stone and 7-Stone anniversary bands are also very popular.

You shouldn't get too concerned about the name here, because "anniversary" bands can are easily matched to solitaires and other engagement rings to wear as the wedding band.



This is just another term for Anniversary Rings.



Eternity rings are a special type of Anniversary band in which the diamonds go all the way around the ring to symbolize ever lasting love.  These band are the same millimeter width all the way around instead of being tapered in the back as most bands are and the stone are also the same size.

The bands are very popular used as wedding bands also, due to their appeal to those looking for a "vintage style."  In fact, you will now find there are eternity solitiares in which the diamonds on the shank go all the way around to match the eternity wedding band.  Often the woman wears two of these bands - one on either side of the engagement ring to achieve a fashionable "stacked" look.

The only problem with eternity bands is that they are either very difficult or impossible to size. They are ordered in specific sizes



Another terms for Eternity rings.



Due the problem with sizing, m any women opt for the same band with diamonds going half way around.  This can also be more comfortable to wear.



Still other opiton, is the size-able eternity which has the diamonds going almost all the way around, just leaving a small space in the back to allow it to be sized later.  We carry these rings in 2 carat weights>>