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Vintage Engagement Rings are Hot!!

November 8, 2011. There have been 0 comments

Vintage Engagement Ring in micro-pave diamond settingWhat is number one trend for Diamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Wedding Sets...Vintage styles! Stylish celebs like Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Katherine Heigal, Reese Witherspoon and Ashley Simpson all selected this elegant and sophisticated Engagement Ring, inspired from the Edwardian or Belle Epoch Era at the turn of the 20th century.

The intricate designs and workmanship were influenced by the very prosperous and decadent time in Europe when Haute Couture Fashion was invented in Paris and the Art Noveau movement influenced everything from art and architecture to fashion and jewelry.

What are Vintage Engagement Rings?  These type of engagement rings are almost always set in a white metal, either the most luxurious and expensive Platinum or more affordable 18 karat or 14 karat white gold.

The most traditional Vintage-style Engagement Rings will feature a Round Center Diamond, although Princess Cut, Pear Shaped and Oval Shaped diamonds are also popular. Designer styles often use the more expensive modified diamond shapes such as cushion, emerald and ascher cut diamonds.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring The Engagement Ring Settings typically are contoured, feature diamond accents on the band, sides and shank of the ring, and a great amount of detail either in the form of many finely set diamonds or elaborate patterns and detailing that have been created in the metal.

This influence has spurred two major type of Vintage Engagement Rings: Pave Engagement Ring and Pave Halo Engagement Ring Settings. The first type of Engagement Ring feature settings with Pave Diamond Accent or Micro-pave Diamond Accent either on the band only like Reese Weatherspoon's or Kate Beckinsale's emerald cut engagement rings,  Zooey Deschanel's stunning roPrincess Cut Vintage Engagement RIng und engagement ring, Khloe Khardasians's magnificent princess cut ring or Ivanka's Trumps's 6 carat cushion cut!  Or the the engagement ring setting will feature pave diamonds on the band and in a frame that surround the center diamond like Katie Holmes and Katharine McPhee's  oval cut rings, Gwyenth Paltrow's ascher cut or  Jennifer Hudson's brilliant cut ring from David Otunga.

OneVintage Diamond Halo Engagement Ring of the most popular rings is the Pave Halo Engagement Ring Setting-a ring that has diamond accent diamonds on the band and around the round center diamond which creates a frame or halo. This type of ring was selected by Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood and Ashlee Simpson.

What is Pave and Micro-Pave? In Pave Setting, an indentation is first made in the gold for the diamond to "sit" in and then a tiny amount of the gold is pulled over the diamond to hold it in place. In Micro-Pave engagemet rings, the diamonds are smaller and set very close together. One advantage of the Micro-Pave - other than a fabulous looks- is that it is smooth to the touch and is less likely to "snag" on clothing. Vintage Engagement RIng

What is Milgrain and Filigree? The second type of ring is a cathedral type ring setting with a great amount of artistic detailing that includes Milgrain (raised beaded edges engraved into the ring) and filigree detail (intricate twisted or scroll patterns) that is often beautifully displayed with a side view that also features a bezel set diamond.Vintage Engagement Ring with Invisible Center Diamond

We have wonderful vintage style engagement rings with Princess Cut and Invisible Center Diamonds, and a fabulous collection of hand-finished Micro-pave Engagement Rings that you should definitely see! All of these are also available with a matching diamond wedding band.

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