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Engagement Rings with Diamond Halos Trending BIG!

September 27, 2012. There have been 0 comments

3/4 ctw Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

There has been so much talk of the popularity of Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings. And I have to admit that the vintage style is leading all sales. Read some more about vintage style>>


But there has been a slight change in the trend....Now the emphasis seems to be swinging to vintage engagement ring with diamond halos! And it is really easy to see why. Diamond halos are absolutely beautiful and feminine. A halo is simply a circle of diamonds that surround the center diamond. Sometime a halo is also called a frame, especially if it is a square shape halo.

Halo serve two very important functions in addition to just being beautiful. First of all the halo focuses the eye on the center diamond. Secondly, the halo makes the center diamond look more important...BIGGER!


Choosing a ring with a halo can be an easy way to stretch your can choose a ring with a smaller center diamond but appears larger because there is a diamond halo.

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