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Shape isn't one of the 4Cs of diamonds, but it is interesting to know that diamonds do come in a variety of shapes and that shape can actually effect price. 



Princess Cut Engagement Ring Set



The terminology here can be a bit confusing because terms seem to be used interchangeably.  One of the 4Cs is Cut. Cut refers to the proportion the diamond cutter achieves in  diamond.  The better the "cut" or the "porportion", the more fire a diamond will have. 

This can be confusing, because we often refer to "Cut" when we actually mean "Shape"....for instance we say "Princess Cut" or "Pear Cut" when we are refering to the shape of a diamond. 


Round Diamond Engagement Ring



Diamonds are found in many, many different shapes.  The most popular shape is the Round Diamond, sometimes called the Brilliant Diamond. By far, most engagement rings, wedding sets and wedding bands are sold with Round Diamonds.





Princess Cut Diamond


The next most popular shape is the Princess Cut diamond, which is either a square or rectangular shaped diamond. Read more about Princess Cut Diamonds>>


The Princess Cut diamond was rather recently developed so that the least amount of the stone was wasted in cutting the rough.  For this reason, Diamond Engagement Rings with Princess Cut diamonds, often will be less expensive than those with Round diamonds. Princess Cut are particularly popular because they are so versatile in jewelry design. Different diamond shapes are more popular at times. Popularity or demand can raise the price of a Diamond. 







Diamonds are also cut into a variety of fancy shapes which include: Asher Cut, Radiant, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Marquise, Oval, Pear  and Heart.  Fancy cut diamonds tend to be more expensive than Round diamonds because more of the rough diamonds is lost in cutting and more skill is required to cut these shapes. (And yes a heart shape diamond is expensive!)



Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Marquise Cut diamonds are the exception to fancy prices.  Currently Marquise Cut diamond can cost a bit less than Round diamnods.  And Marquise diamonds seem to be on a popularity upswing as more and more brides-to-be are asking for them. Marquise diamonds make up into lovely, artistic and unusual engagement rings.  Read more about Marquise Diamonds>>






Accent diamonds also are available in many shapes.


Smaller diamonds used for accents in a ring can be cut into melee (small round diamonds) which can be so tiny that they are only a fraction of 1/100th of a carat! These small round diamonds can be set in a variety ways including pave, channel and shared prong settings.  Read more about the Different Type of Settings>>


Princess Cut diamonds can be calibrated to exact millimeter sizes and used in channel settings and the very popular invisible settings.  Read more about Invisible Settings>>


Baguette Diamonds are showing a great rise in popularity as accents.  Baguette diamonds are are little rectangles, popular in Art Deco designTapered Baguettes (rectangles which are smaller at one end) are also used as accent diamonds.


Accent Diamonds come in many other shapes also as :  trillions (triangles), marquise (navettes), half moons, and many more.