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"Cut" is the most difficult aspect of the 4-Cs to understand. "Cut" does NOT refer to the "shape" of the diamond.  This can be very confusing becuase we commonly use the term "Cut" when we are referring to certain shapes as "Princess Cut"  and  "Pear Cut."


Diamond Cut




"Cut" is actually the quality of the diamond that effects the sparkle of the diamond.  A diamond that is well cut will have natural sparkle and fire!  It is the Master Diamond Cutter who effects this quality of the diamond in the cutting process.  He decide how the facets of the diamond should lay out, how deep to make the diamond.  If the diamond is well cut, you will see it sparkle. A diamond that is well cut will be more expensive than one that is not.


This quality becomes particularly important in larger size diamonds simply because there is more diamond that is visible. Unless you are buying a larger, certified diamond you probably will not be as concerned about this quality.



When you are talking about diamonds and the cut of the diamonds, there are certain terms that you may wnat to know.


Table -- The flat top of the diamond

Girdle -- The widest part of the diamond. It is like the belt around the middle of the diamon

Culet -- The very bottom tip or point of the diamond

Crown -- The part of the diamond from the girdle up to the table of the diamond

Pavilion - The part of the diamond from the girdle down to the culet

Facet - The polished flat parts or planes of the diamond