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Diamond Color is actually the measurement of the "lack of color" in a diamond. Diamonds are graded for color on a scale from D to Z. "D" represents the diamond with the least amount of color and "Z" represents a diamond that shows a dark yellowish tinge.


Diamond Color



Notice that the color scale does not start with "A." Remember that we said no diamond is perfect!


All of the grades of color in between represent miniscule differences in color that are difficult for most people to distinguish. Obviously a diamond with the Color "D" will be much more expensive than a diamond with the color "H," "L," or "Z."


Notice that the second group of color grades in the chart above are considered "near colorless." This is why we choose from this group for most of our Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. This range of color looks fantastic without being outrageously priced.



Diamonds do come in almost all of the colors of the rainbow.  Yellow diamonds and pink diamonds are particularly sought after.  These are called Fancy Color diamonds. And the price is very, very high because these colors are very, very rare. 



Black diamonds have become fashionable in recent years, especially for men. Even though black diamonds are natural, rather than man-man, they are usually heat treated to retain and even the color.


Other fancy color diamonds, even though they are natural, can be heat treated to enhance the color.  There are many man-made fancy color on the market also. It is important that you know if the fancy color diamonds you are interested in are natural, natural but treated or man-made because it makes a huge difference in price and in the value of the diamonds.