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A diamond certificate, sometimes called a "cert", is actually a diamond grading report, or evaluation of a diamond by a gemological laboratory. This report evaluates a diamond from the standpoint of the 4Cs, often considering other factors.  It includes a drawing or a plot of your diamond, mapping out the inclusions. The report also has a number that is specific to the diamond being evaluated. Diamonds that have a diamond grading report are said to be "certified."


Diamond must be evaluated or "certified" before they are mounted in an Engagement Ring or a piece of jewelry. This is an expensive process as it requires a graduate gemologist to evaluate individual diamonds. So usually you will only want a diamond certificate for a large or more expensive diamond.



At Diamond Classic Jewelry we offer Diamond Reports or "Certs" from Gemological Institute of America, GIA,  for our Signature Collection Diamond Engagement Rings. These are rings of exceptional quality, style and value.  Each comes with this certificate at no additional charge!


We also offer GIA Diamond Reports on our rings with an Upgraded Center Diamond. The price of the certificate is included in the upgrade price.  Read more about Upgrading Your Diamond>>







A certificate is only as valuable as its source. So one from an independent gemological laboratory is the best. 

At Diamond Classic Jewelry, we now offer diamond certificates for the center diamond in most of our engagement rings and bridal sets that have a round or princess cut diamond of at least 1/5 carat! 

The certificates for our Classic Plus Quality (H Color, I1 Clarity) are generally from European Gemological Laboratories (EGL) or International Gemological Institutue (IGI).

As we mentioned before, the certificates for our Engagment Ring in our Signature Collection are from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and are for our center diamonds of 1/2 carat and larger that are H Color, SI2 Clarity.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA), was founded in 1931;  International Gemological Institute (IGI) in New York City with headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium is the oldest institute of its kind; and European Gemological Laboratories (EGL) since 1974 has headquarters in Europe and New York City.



At Diamond Classic Jewelry we also provide a "Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal" for each item of diamond jewelry FREE  OF CHARGE. 




This is NOT a Diamond Report, but a detailed description of the item of jewelry, with a photograph  and a statement that our diamonds are genuine, natural and conflict fee. It is our promise to you that our diamond jewelry is as we represent it.  As members of the Jewelers' Vigilance Committee, we agree to honestly represent our jewelry to the public. 


In addition, this certificate provides an Estimated Retail Replacement Value to help you and your insurance carrier decide how much to insure your purchase for. This estimate is based on our current shopping of the same or similar items on-line and in stores, which can be 20-40% more than our retail price.



We know that a diamond certificate affords you peace of mind when you are buying a large, expensive diamond. This is why we offer them on our larger and more expensive diamonds.

But now we are able to offer diamond certificates on almost all of our rings!  We currenlty offer them on our rings with a round or princess cut center diamond of at least 1/5 of carat.  We think this make us pretty unique!


We offer our own "Certificate of Authenticity" for every item of diamond jewelry to you free of charge so that you also have the assurance of knowing exactly what you purchase regardless of the amount you spend.


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