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You’ve probably heard the term, but may not be too sure exactly what it is all about. So here is a simple explanation.


Diamonds are termed “Conflict Diamonds” when they have been illegally traded to fund political rebellions, most usually in the poorest parts of Africa.


Conflict diamonds came to the world’s attention in the 1990s during the bloody civil war in Sierra Leone, Africa and then again with the movie Blood Diamonds starring Leonardo Di Caprio.  This war continued for 10 years, essentially destroying a country that was already one of the poorest.


As fate would have it, although Sierra Leone was poor, it had one of the richest deposits of aluvial diamonds.  These are diamonds that wash up in rivers and can be easily gathered, much like panning for gold.




In 2000, the international diamond industry worked with individual governments and the United Nations to eliminate this illegal trading of diamonds.  The result is called The Kimberly Process, which assures that these illegal diamonds do not get into the world's supply.  This is a very simple process and requires, that in order to cross international borders, mined diamonds must be sealed in tamper-proof containers and certified with a government-validated Kimberley Process Certificate.


This process has been very successful. By 2007, 74 countries, including  Sierra Leone, were members of the Kimberley Process.  According to the World Diamond Council, at least 99% of today's diamonds are Conflict Free.




Simply put, Conflict Free Diamonds are those that diamonds that were NOT illegally traded to fund political rebellions.


At Diamond Classic Jewelry, we suppport the establishment of the Kimberly Process to insure that the diamonds we sell are "Conflict Free."    We only work with suppliers who adhere to the standards of the Kimberly Process.


So you can rest assured that the diamond ring you buy from Diamond Classic Jewelry is completely "Conflict Free."