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We know that you utilize the internet to gather a lot of information  about various products and that you also probably buy a lot on-line.  But you will probably be a little more cautious when making such an important purchase as a diamond engagement ring on-line. 

We  let you know what you should look for in an on-line jeweler so that you can choose a reputable organization and safely make your purchase.  And we want the choice, of course, to be Diamond Classic Jewelry.



The first thing  you want to insure, when looking for an on-line jeweler is that it is that you will be able to enter your personal information – such as your credit card- securely, and that you will be protected from viruses and spamming.

On-line website provide this protection by purchases “certificates” from security companies that sweep the website daily to insure its safely.  These certificates are not cheap, so when you see that the site has them you know they are serious about security.

The “badges” from these companies are usually at the bottom of the page on the website.  When you click  on them, it should give you information about the security of the company and tell you when the website was last swept.



 One of the very best companies.  This company secures your private information using a SSL Certificate to encrypt your data.



 Another excellent security certificate. McAfee tests the site daily for a number of vulnerabilities.  The date is then marked on the logo at the bottom of the page so you know the site is safe.



You also want to be able to enter your credit card information without it being accessed by the seller.  We have two ways to do this on Diamond Classic Jewelry:



When you enter your credit card information on-line, the seller only sees the last 4 digits. processes our credit card sales and also helps protect you from fraudulent use of your credit card.  The seal for this company will also be found at the bottom of the page. When you click on the seal, it will give you the information about our company.



Pay Pay is another option for secure check out. PayPal has all of your credit card information.  The seller never sees any of it.



Trust is a difficult measure, but one thing you can look at at the professional organizations the seller belongs to and how they describe the merhcandise. We have three ways to let you know that we are a trustworthy company.



As members of the Better Business Bureau we adhere to certain standards and are rated by the BBB.  Again, the seal is at the bottom of the page with our rating. When you click on the seal, you can get information about the company



The JVC is a group composed of members of the Jewelry Industry who agree to certain standards such as accurately representing their products to the consumer. We are proud to be members of this group



This is important!  You want to make sure that the jeweler is giving you enough information about the ring - specifics. Carat weight, quality, gold. If the descriptions are too general, how will know what you are buying?



It is important to know which warranties the on-line jeweler has so that you know you can safely buy from them.  Here are the ones we offer.



Can you return the ring?  Will you get a full refund.  You may return the merchandise at Diamond Classic Jewelry for any reason for a full refund within 30 days.



Is the merchandise guaranteed to be as advertised?  At Diamond Classic Jewelry you get a life-time warranty against manufactures defects. We also provide you with Certificate of Authenticity, which is a detailed description of the product and our warranty that the merchandise is as represented. Some of our warranties are:


           Perfect Fit Gurantee

         If you ring doesn’t fit, we will resize it for free


             Conflict Free Diamond

 We guarantee that are diamonds are conflict free as we only deal with sources who adhere to the Kimberly Process


            Natural Diamonds

            All of our diamonds are real and natural. They are not man-made


  Diamond Certificate

 Diamond Certificates are provided on certain items. We utilize IGI and GIA certificates for our center diamonds that are SI quality.  In adddition we provide our own Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal which gives you all the information about the diamonds and the rings that you need for insurance coverage and an estimated retail replacement value.




            Other than shopping convinience, we all shop on line to get a good deal.   The best deal we offer is our PRICE, VALUE, SERVICE:


SAVE  20-40%

Our everyday low prices allow you to save 20-40% on the same or very similar items that are found in jewelry stores and on line.  We do the shopping for you and help you compare the price for every item on our website



 Here’s another saving!  You don’t have to pay for the shipping. We ship your puchase free of charge by Federal Express.



We size your ring for free and will re-size it free of charge, if it doesn't fit properly when you receive it.



 We collect sales tax where it is required by law.  At this time, that is only New York.  Otherwise, this can be a big savings!



When you find the perfect diamond engagement ring, we offer you the option of upgrading the center diamond to a certified SI quality.




All of customers love our service.  When you call customer service, you don't get phone bank in a foreign country or an commisioned sales person.  You get a real person - one of us who will go out of our way to help you in anyway we can.  We'll create a ring for you, show you what it looks like with a specific wedding band or reserach and find that the perfect ring for you even if we don't have on-line.