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Most engagement rings are made of gold - yellow gold or white gold -- 10kt, 14kt, 18kt.  Some  you find in Platinum.  Since this is a ring that you will be wearing....well...forever,  it is appropriate for the setting to be a precious metal.


When we speak of gold, we talk about "karat" [not to be confused with "carat" as a measure of a diamond's weight]. Pure gold is 24kt.  Pure gold is really too soft to use for jewelry. [Remember the old movies where the pirate bites the gold coin to see if it's real?] So gold is mixed, or alloyed  with other metals to use for jewelry.  The type of metal chosen as the alloy afffects the color of the gold.  For instance, nickel is most often used for white gold and copper for rose gold.



14kt gold is 58% pure gold and 18kt gold is 75% pure gold.  14kt gold is beautiful and much more durable. So for that reason and because of the price, it is the metal we have chosen for most of our rings, wedding sets and jewelry. Durability is a factor to consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring or wedding band as it is an article of jewelry that you will wear all the time.



The higher gold amount in 18kt gives the item of jewelry a distinctive look that many people love, but as it is softer it tends to show more wear.



10K GOLD ENGAGEMENT RINGAs you know, the price of gold has been skyrocketing is the last few years. Currently over $1600 per ounce, the gold price greatly effects the price of  your ring. We have introduced some Engagement Rings and Wedding Sets in 10kt gold to make certain that we have beautiful rings in everyone's budget. We especially like 10k gold for men's rings as it is less soft and tends to wear much better.  In addition men's rings are larger and heavier than women's rings so they usualy require more gold.  Using 10k is a good way to keep the cost down.






Platinum is the ultimate metal and has a distinctive look and feel. It tends to dull or burnish over time which is part of its allure. The price of Platinum can raise the price of your ring. Platinum is also a heavier metal than gold...a consideration when choosing Diamond Stud Earrings. Usually Platinum is reserved for the finest quality diamond solitaires and rings.



14K WHITE GOLD ENGAGEMENT RINGGold Engagement R14K YELLOW GOLD ENGAGEMENT RINGings and Wedding Sets are available in white or yellow.  Which color you choose is, again, a matter of personal taste.  At times, one or the other is more popular.  Currently white gold tends to be more popular, most probably due the popularity of Vintage Styles. Yellow gold tends to be more traditional and warmer.  White gold is fashionable, more formal, cooler.  However, these are wide generalities.

The choice of gold color greatly effects the look or style of the ring.  Looking at the same ring in white and yellow, you can see the difference!

The white gold ring on the left could easily fit into the Vintage Style category of engagement rings.  The same ring in yellow gold on the right is much more traditional and even contemporary. The two looks are very different, but the setting is exactly the same.

If you choose a yellow gold ring, you should make sure that the prongs holding the center diamond are white gold, to prevent the diamond from reflecting a yellowish tinge from the yellow gold  shank.



Don't be afraid to mix yellow gold and white gold. In fact, the two are often mixed in the same ring!  And if you choose a white gold Engagement Ring, you can still wear yellow gold earrings, watch or necklace.



As you can see, the price of metal affect the price of the ring.  Read more about how metal affects price,>>   We have also found that women have very definite idea about the color of the gold they want in an engagement or wedding ring.  Our suggestion is to find out what she wants and be sure to choose that color.!


One last thought -- no matter which color gold you choose, be assured that it will always be in style because it is a precious metal.