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One of the first steps in shopping for a beautiful diamond engagement ring is to choose the shape of the center diamond.  We have found that most women have very strong opinions on this subject, so it is important to know what they like and what they don't like before you begin.

There are many different diamond shapes, some are more popular than others, some are more reasonably priced than others. We hope this information will help you.



Round diamonds are still the most popular cut diamond by far.  Round diamonds are a classic.  They can be set in all possible ways from prong to pave to channel set. Round diamond can be found in vintage and contemporary style engagement rings. Also small round diamonds called "melee" are widely used as accent diamonds.  More about Round Diamonds is coming soon.


Princess Cut diamonds are the second most popular cut diamond and it is easy to see why.  A Princess Cut diamond is cut in such a way that more of the rough diamond is preseved, which makes it a bit less expensive than a round diamond. Princess Cut diamonds can mimic more expensive square cut diamonds and are beautiful in vintage and contemporary settings.  Princess Cuts are particularly popular in invisible style settings.  Read more about Princess Cut Diamonds>>



Marquise cut diamonds are the most reasonably priced of all the fancy cut diamonds and they have the largest table (or flat top) of all diamonds so that they appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight.  Read more about Marquise Cut Diamonds>>



Baguettes are little rectangular diamonds used for accent diamonds.  It is not a diamond that would be chosen for the center diamond.  However, we get so many requests for rings with baguette diamonds we would like to give you some information about them.  More about Baguette Diamonds is coming soon.